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What we do:

Infrequent Goodness is a word oriented zine. We feature music notes, stories--fiction and nonfiction, rants, movie notes, footnotes, and lots of dashes. Originally founded in Washington, DC way back in 1997, we have since relocated to South Carolina. Our first issue came out in the summer of 1998, our second issue the spring/summer of 2000, and our third one is currently being compiled. If you're interested in obtaining a print copy of IG write or e-mail:

Villis Sticht
1610 Dennis Blvd.
Moncks Corner, SC 29641

Revision is a fairly continuous occupation here, so occasionally, a link might not work, e-mail us with any problems you encounter.

Table of Contents

Wherein you will read our esteemed columnists complain about everything from television to animal euthanization.

Only a few but of high quality.

Stories & Memoirs
Our specialty. Currently, southern and sci-fi/fantasy focused. But also features a day in the life of a southerner in Chicago.

Travel & Locale Reports
At the moment: Prague, Rome, & Chicago.

Mostly show reviews: Modest Mouse & Magnetic Fields, but also features the brand new section "Hey, Cheap Music!".

Movie Talk
Finally up and running, the centerpiece is a discussion of the merits of Shooting Fish.

Links to websites that meet our strenuous demands of quality
Several links, including our sister-site, the punk-trash band SF.

Contributor & Staff bios
Who does what around here?