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Welcome to Imagineer
the magazine of other worlds and every dimension.

Imagineer's goal is to offer up tantalizing, thought-provoking ideas and concepts, raise challenging questions, and strive to unveil life's many facets from fresh, unique angles.

Think of this as a forum, a place to present your own, unique point of view, in stories, essays and artwork. It's a small, quiet place, in a tiny, backwater part of the galaxy; not too well known, not too populated, but hey--who knows--we might just start something big here. Most of all, we want to have fun and let our voices be heard echoing from this cyber-space void out into the world at large.

Who knows? Maybe we'll strike a note that brings a bit of harmony to the world's dischord, or spark a creative fire that sets ablaze some rigid and entrenched ideas. Enjoy.

Imaginations Have Entered
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