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Take a look at my SISTER SITE!

Welcome to Petz 4 Paradise, we just came up with that name, if you know of a site that already has that name please tell us, we do not want to copy!

At our site you can put petz up for adoption and get petz! You can also show off your favorite pics of your petz! And we you can go to the breeding pairs section and choose a pair you want us to breed and we will let you choose a puppy from the litter! And If your going on vacation feel free to drop them off hear we will take care of them for you for a week or 2! And for those of you that think this all sounds interesting but are clueless as to what I am talking about we a section made just for you that tells all about petz (or will any way). But please keep in mind that this is a new site, we aren't quite finished with it yet and most things are not working at the moment. New things will be coming soon so if you arn't satisfied with our site, don't give up! We aren't done!

Oh! And make sure ro sign my g-book and tell me what you think, if you don't like my site please no harsh comments! Just tell me what I can fix so you do like it!

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