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Welcome Fanfiction readers to Heads In The Clouds! Here, authors can displaying their love of fanfiction and even original works. It's open to anybody, so if you want to be hosted here, send me your story, even if it doesn't fit in one of the categories, I'll make a new one just for you! Also, got any favorite fanfiction or other sites you want to share? Then please, send them to me and I'll add them to our link page. If you have a website and want to link to us, be my guest! The more the merrier! 

Love ya!


Updated 3.16.2003- Happy St. Patrick's Day, a day early! No story updates, but I added another Awards banner below. Someone keeps entering Six Months in Awards and I must thank them, whoever they are! Please support Heads in the Clouds in these contests, Especially the DS Awards, because I know they started voting already!
Updated 2.20.2003-
First update of the new year! Sorry for the long delay, but I got a new computer for Christmas and just yesterday I got mom to help me get my files switched. Right now, the North East USA is under about 2 feet of snows, so I haven't had school in a week! Right, now not much to update but a bunch of our BSB stories have been nominated in fanfiction contests. Go check them out and support Heads in the Clouds.
-Updated 11.26.2002-
New section! Introducing the Power Rangers section, open to any story about any team of Power Rangers. It's opening with one short story and two long stories listed, though no chapters are up yet. Look for more soon! 
Updated 10.28.2002-
Large update to make up for the long time in-between! Three short stories up in the Backstreet Section alone with two new chapters of Racing Spirit. The Spam Mystery in the Spam Files is finished and another short story was added to that section called Flipping the Bird. 
Updated 10.9.2002-
Two more months ( 9 chapters) of Six Months in Hiding are up. What to look forward to: Two Chapters of Racing Spirit, the last few chapters of the Spam Mystery, a new Backstreet Story, short Backstreet stories from and the introduction of a new section, Power Rangers: Time Force.


Six Months in Hiding has been nominated again! If your the one who has been nominating this story over and over again, I love you! It's up for Best Incomplete (which it really isn't I just haven't had the time to make the rest of the pages yet), Best Group and Best Action/ Suspense!


We're at it again! A bunch of my BSB stories have been nominated in two contests. So please show your support for Heads in the Clouds and go support these stories!

Six Months in Hiding has been nominated at the Dream Awards for Best Group Story.

At the DS Awards, Six Months in Hiding and A Tale from the Sherwood have been nominated best novel and best action/suspense, Lunch Time Thieves is up for Cheesiest Story, and Phantom from Six Months in Hiding is up for Best Villain.

Six Months in Hiding won MINNA's Choice and Just Dialogue won Best Feel Good Story! Thanks so much to everyone who voted!


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