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Introduction History Location Facilities Home Page


The Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, popularly known by its acronym ECIAF, is synonymous with Agriculture throughout the islands of the Eastern Caribbean.

The Mission of the Eastern caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry (ECIAF) is to improve the standard of Living in the Agricultural Sector in the Eastern Caribbean by providing quality training for nationals of Trinidad and Tobago and other Eastern Caribbean States at the sub professional level in the fields of Agriculture, Forestry and Agriculture Teacher Education.

The overall objective of the ECIAF is the offering of the best possible training to its trainees in the fields mentioned above. ECIAF's objective is achieved through the offering of 3 different programmes which are outlined as follows:

  • A two year residential course leading to the Diploma in Agriculture
  • A two year residential course leading to the Diploma in Forestry
  • A two year non-residential course leading to the Diploma in Agricultural Education.

The programs are conducted at the Institute's campuses. The practical aspects are emphasized and given equal priority to the academic aspects. The practical aspects of the agriculture and forestry programmes are conducted on the Institute's forty hectare farm at Centeno. Additional practical is conducted at private farms, state farms and the forests of Trinidad and Tobago. The ATEC practical are carried out at selected secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago.

A graduate of the school of Agriculture can quite easily function productively in a farm environment because of the practical training offered.
The training offered at ECIAF also equip graduates for self-employment or to fill whatever roles their country requires.

The ECIAF Diploma in Agriculture or Forestry is equivalent to an Associate Degree offered at North American Community Colleges. ECIAF graduates pursuing higher education in the United States are exempted from the freshman and sophomore year of the 4-year bachelor's degree and hence enter into the Junior Year.

At the University of the West Indies, the ECIAF Diplomate (Agriculture and Forestry) matriculates into the First year of the 3-year B.Sc Agriculture programme.
Additionally, National Scholarships (Trinidad & Tobago) are offered each year to the top two agriculture/forestry graduates to read for the B. Sc Agriculture at the University of the West Indies.


The Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry (ECIAF), was established in 1954 and have since then trained over 1600 students from the Eastern Caribbean States in Agriculture and Forestry at the para professional level. Additionally, the Agriculture Teachers Education Center of ECIAF has trained over xxx Agriculture Teachers from Secondary Schools in Trinidad and Tobago.

Initially, the Institute was known as the Eastern Caribbean Farm Institute (ECFI), because when the Institute was established, its mandate was to provide in service training for Agriculture Extension Officers at the various Ministries of Agriculture in the Eastern Caribbean Region. Hence its name reflected its purpose.

The Institute was established as a Regional Institution with grants from the Colonial Development and Welfare Scheme, and the Carnegic Corporation.

During its first ten years, the Institute was organized and administered as a regional institution Eastern caribbean) and was supported financially by all participating Governments- (Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, The Windward Islands and The Leeward Islands).

From August 1964 to the present, the Institute has operated as a Trinidad and Tobago Institution. This change however, has never interfered with its regional character in relation to function and student intake.

In 1969, the scope of the Institute was increased when the Forestry School was added. Training was expanded from farming to include the emerging concerns regarding sound forestry management practices in the region. The addition of the School of Forestry was initiated by a five year project undertaken in 1968 by the Trinidad and Tobago Government with assistance from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. The name of the Institute was then changed from ECFI to ECIAF in order to reflect the fact that the Institute was now offering Forestry Training.

In 1983, the Agriculture Teacher Education Center (ATEC) was established. This new offering was a joint project of the Ministry of Agriculture Land and Marine Resources, the Ministry of Education and UNESCO. The main aim of ATEC was to improve the pedagogical skills of Agriculture Science Teachers at Secondary Schools in Trinidad and Tobago


ECIAF consists of two campuses. The main campus houses the schools of Agriculture Forestry and is located approximately three kilometers East of the Piarco International Airport, along the Caroni North Bank Road in Centeno.

The Agriculture Teacher Education Center is situated at the smaller campus which is located approximately six kilometers East of the Piarco International Airport, along the Mausica Road at the old Mausica Teacher's Training compound.


The boarding accommodation on the ECIAF compound is ninety-seven residential places.
The female dormitory consisting of thirty-seven individual rooms. Seventeen are located on the first floor and sixteen on the ground floor. Community bathrooms and common rooms are located on both floors. The female dormitory has been given the name "Lebanon" by its occupants.


The male students reside in three dormitory buildings:
  • "Colorado", which consists of sixteen individual rooms, occupying both the first floor and ground floor. Community bathrooms also exist on both floors.

  • "Las Vegas", which consists of eight shared dormitories on the first floor and a community bathroom and a gymnasium on the ground floor
    Las Vegas

  • "Siberia", which consists of five shared dormitories, four on the first floor. The community bathrooms and 1 shared dormitory occupy the ground floor.


This comprises of two classrooms (first year and second year), with each having a maximum capacity of sixty students. The Institute's main library and a general purpose laboratory is also located on this block.

The Dining Hall
The dining hall adjoins the kitchen area and can acommodate approximately 120 students. Three meals are served daily in the dining room. breakfast is served between, 8-9am, lunch between 12-1 pm and supper, between 6-7pm. At 4pm, tea is served.
Dining Room

Laundry facilities
A laundry room is available for student use. The laundry contains washing machines, dryer as well as several wash sinks.

Common Room
At the common room, students pass the time either viewing television, playing table tennis, board games or patronizing the canteen which owned and managed by the students guild.


Forestry students share the same dormitories and other facilities with the Agriculture students. However, the forestry classrooms and faculty are housed in a separate building

The Forestry Block comprises two classrooms, equipment store rooms, office accommodation for forestery administrative and faculty staff, a climate controlled herbarium, an audio visual room and a forestry museum.

Garage/workshop/service complex
The Institute's farm machinery, equipment and vehicles are housed in this facility.
The garage/ workshop is used by farm personnel to carry out maintainence work on vehicles and equipment. Practical for the various engineering courses are also conducted in this complex.

Other Farm Facilities
Many other facilities exist on the Institute's farm. These exist primarily for the conduct of student practical in agriculture and forestry. The facilities include:

  • A 25 hive Apiary
  • A 30 cow Dairy herd
  • A Beef herd
  • A Poultry Production Unit
  • A Plant Propagation Unit
  • A Piggery
  • A Small Stock Unit
  • An aboretum

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