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Date:THE PRESENT Location: Philadelphia **=sound fx **


Are they real or imagined? Are they from another planet, dimension or are they an invention of mankind?

Whatever they are they have been seen, filmed and photographed by the whole spectrum of society, they have been reported by astronauts, astronomers, airline pilots, policeman, military personnel to everyday common citizens.

You can not deny that people are seeing something in our skies, below are examples of a few reports that have happened in the Philadelphia area;

National UFO Reporting CenterSighting ReportOccurred

: 9/9/2000 03:30 (Entered as : 09/09/00 03:30)

Reported : 9/9/2000 09:49 Posted : 9/17/2000

Location : Philadelphia, PA

Shape : ChangingA bright flash seen in the sky facing west, 60 degrees above the horizon, heading downward from right to left, leaving a trail. I was standing outside on the porch of the home where I work as a night shift private duty nurse. I was facing approximately north when the entire surrounding area lit up brightly for several seconds. I began looking toward the garage to my left on the property to see if a spotlight had been turned on. While turning, I noticed a bright light coming from high up shining through a tree in the yard. I stepped to my left to see the light without the tree being in the way. I was facing approximately west. At about sixty degrees above the horizon, I could see a bright trail angled down from right to left terminating in a bright mass. When I held my hand at arm's length, the length of the mass and tail together was roughly that of my index finger. Within a few seconds, the light from the object had faded. I did not notice any smoke remaining after the flash faded. My first thought was that perhaps it was an exceptionally large meteorite. I have seen numerous meteorites in my lifetime, but have never seen anything light up my surroundings like this did. I then wondered if it might have been an Iridium satellite deorbiting. The thought that there was a space shuttle mission recently launched to the international space station made me wonder if there could have been an accident associated with that, although the notion clearly seemed like a stretch of the imagination. I decided to report the object to the National UFO Reporting Center in hopes of perhaps finding a means of identifying what I had seen.

National UFO Reporting CenterSighting ReportOccurred

: 3/31/2000 23:30 (Entered as : 3/31/00 23:30) Reported : 4/1/2000 02:29 Posted : 4/15/2000

Location : Philadelphia (SW), PA

Shape : CircleSaw a round object with lights flashing on the bottom in a circular motion around the object.

I can view the approach of landing aircraft to Philadelphia International Airport from my backyard. I always see landing lights, but this was different. It was round in appearance, and had what appeared to be running lights on the bottom that flashed in a circular flashing motion. I watched it, and it was moving very slowly, much slower than approaching aircraft, and this craft itself was about 2-3000 ft. higher than approaching aircraft. It seemed to be further away than the approaching aircraft in distance and at about 40 from the horizon. It moved very slowly for about five minutes, then turned and went the other way in the same speed. I thought it was strange, and might have been a helicopter, but it was rather high for a helicopter, not to mention in "restricted airspace". Not sure if any pilots might have saw it, but I wouldn't know how to go about and request that info. After it changed direction, it continued on at a slow pace towards the east to NJ. Distance was a factor, so I knew my camcorder would just capture a shaking image of a light with no real help. If there were any others that saw this object, it would be nice to know, to either confirm my site or disbunk it as a helicopter...


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If you have enjoyed the special effect sounds check out the site where I got them from, alot of fun~


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