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Benjamin Franklins grave.

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Baleroy ~ Chestnut Hill ~ Philadelphia

Baleroy is the home of Meade Easby, a descendant of Gettysburg battle hero, Gen. George Meade, some say that Baleroy is also the home of numerous ghosts and spirits, some friendly, some not.

They say that Baleroy could be the most haunted house in America, would you like to take a tour? Let's begin!

The Blue Room

The Blue room is filled with many priceless antiques , paintings and ghosts. Many of the objects in this room were at one time owned by famous people such as Napoleon, would you like to sit down and admire them? Please do not sit in this chair, this is the chair of death, the last three persons who have sat in this chair have died unexpected deaths,

Mr Easby believes that there is a evil spirit in the house named "Amanda" who makes sure of that, once while lying in bed, there was an indentation made in the mattress next to him and something grabbed him by the arm, when he turned on a light, it left, let's go to the upstairs,...Now please take hold of the bannister really tight , see that painting on the right, one time in front of guests that painting went flying 15 feet! Numerous objects just seem to fall or float, open or close of their own accord,...

oh oh, it seems we have a guest at the top of the stairs, shall we go back down, is there something following you?

Numerous ghosts have been seen here, everyone from former owners and occupants to historic figures such as Thomas Jefferson, Ectoplasm, which is a form of spirit plasma, fills the house, let's go out to the back yard......

Once while a handyman was doing work out here he noticed a little boy looking out the window , from his description, it is speculated that it is "Stevie", the brother of Meade Easby who died at 11 years old, Steve has made his presence known on numerous occasions... .

Whats that sound? It sounds like a car, did you call a cab? There is often the sound of a phantom car that pulls up into the driveway but is never seen, it has been heard at night and sometimes even during the day, whats that you have to leave now? So soon? You will be back, they all come back! See you soon.

Ever see a ghost?A UFO ? Or any other paranormal** experiance, drop us a line if you would like to see it on line. .E-MAIL



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Baleroy Mansion

The Philadelphia Experiment

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UFOs over Philly

Head House Square

South st

City Tavern

If you have enjoyed the special effect sounds check out the site where I got them from, alot of fun~


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