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D a d a B a s e

There are many ideas in this world
Many many isms that float about
none are better than the rest
for everything is relative
pick your favorite
and live by it.
neglect it as if it were a horse lost in the sky.


L E T ' S G O S W I M M I N G :

Finally I am in a point in my life where I'm so overwhelmed with things I want to do that I can't seem to get myself to do them. To alleviate this stress, I have finally gone through this list of lovely links. Many of them have been dead for many years.

I couldn't bring myself to delete the old dead connections, so I have saved them in a section on the bottom (six feet under) of this page. RIP

Email me and let me know if you have any suggestions.


One 38
"1KRT is looking for short prose writers to publicize for free in a new online magazine. We would love to see atypical, unique short stories. We aim to be an outlet for writing that is both good and unfashionable. We do not aim to create Hattie�s Cat Poetry Homepage or Ophelia�s Tales Of Night Homepage: we want good writing, serious and passionate writing."

This used to be a Dada website called Iconoclast, but is now simply "In Progress" ~4/2001
As of today, October 17, 2001, this site is still...

"Dada has 391 different attitudes and colours according to the sex of the president" - Tristan Tzara

oh, wow...a babelfish speaks?

The 404
This should have found its way here years ago

At first it's kind of scary, then it's annoying, after that it's really interesting.

A visual arts dictionary's definition of Dada

"Autonomedia as an autonomous zone for arts radicals in both old and new media. We publish books on radical media, politics and the arts that seek to transend party lines, bottom lines and straight lines."

Brooklyn Cacophony Society
Dada group that likes to make noise!! Organizers of Santacon!! Clubs exist in Portland,San Francisco, LA, Seattle and Brooklyn. "Blow their minds and their bodies will follow" -- Santa Melmoth

Franko Busic
his dada manifesto

Dada is Alive

The Curio Society
A Menagerie of Oddities and the People Who Keep Them

The Dada List
"Do you deny crystallography? Do you hear voices in other people's heads? If not, the DADA list may be precisely what you need most." Unfortunately, this list seems to have been quiet for quite a long time now... It may be dead, but the website is still interesting. There's a Dada Tarot...

Dada Online
A very wonderfully exquisitly interesting site about dada stuff and things.

The Dada Server
This small spick of smalltime needed its own link


"Day de Dada - annual Performance Art Show includes performance, installation, video & interactive performances based on Dada Art. Staten Island, NY"

Introduction to the KODAIJI-TEMPLE in Kyoto Japan

affiliated with the Postmodernism Generator

Encounter with Duchamp


Exploding Dog
Send Sam Brown a phrase and, if it inspires him more than the other bazillion phrases he gets, he'll draw a cartoon to it. Watch out for red robots...

Flightless Hummingbird

Fluffy Singler
A bruitist poet and a member of the Massurrealist Society. Associated with the Karawane Organization.


The Fluxus Internet Portal (everything Fluxus comes from here)


It is as the name says

HELL.COM has been private since 1995 and has absolutely nothing to do with theology, religion, cults, adult content, entertainment, or art. (Don't expect a warm welcome)


Ironic Times

International Dada Archive

International Situationiste

Tim Jones


Magic 8 Ball


Machine Literature

Teaching Machine
Machine literature encompasses writings (ostensibly literary) which are machine-generated. This generation is structural, with writings assembled, synthesized, modified or constrained by machine systems. Such systems might include computer programming algorithms, mathematical equations, scientific theories, or, at the most basic level, artificial alphabetic structures such as acrostics or lipograms.

A "machine" need not be digital or fully automatic. A perfectly good machine system for a haiku might consist of choosing each word by letting a dictionary fall open to a random page and placing a finger in the text, then writing down that word.

See also the Postmodernism Generator below...


Nihilism Site


A somewhat sarcastic view of the news

Ontological Museum
Connected with the Post Dogmatists and the Massurrealists.

(a German site- for a translator, use this)


The art of plagiarism. Copy whatever you wish.


San Francisco Cacophony Society

Scary Squirrel

Sense Behind Dada Nonsense


Smalltime Industries

La Tour de Babel
This lovely thing needs to be updated.

David Tudor's Electronics
A great collection

Ubu Web
A dadaist look at dada. Sound included. Affiliations with the Cage listserv and Massurealism.

The Everyday Happenings of Weeble
and sometimes his friend bob.
Theres a whole slew of carrrrtoooons in here!

Women Dada


N e w Y o r k Organizations ( o r s o m e t h i n g )

The Collective Unconscious

HELL.COM has been private since 1995 and has absolutely nothing to do with theology, religion, cults, adult content, entertainment, or art. (Don't expect a warm welcome)

No Such
Hell, frozen over



The Thing


P r i n c i p i a D i s c o r d i a

Holy Eris! Years ago when I started this site, I happened upon a scanned copy of the Principia Discordia. I printed the entire thing out and bound it. It now sits happily in my bathroom at arm's reach from the toilet for anyone's perusal. Open up to any random page and any guest, already feeling awkward for using my clean, porcelain throne, will find themselves enlightened. Now, ten years later, when I google the words Principia Discordia, an overwhelming plethora of websites emerge! Fuck the hyper-links for now. You're just going to have to copy and paste until I get up the energy. Another alternative is to Google Principa Discorida. (Has the original scribbles and all) (an impressive list of links to add more to this one which is already ridiculous) (A good quick essay on the religion) (in German) (This is apparently the original PD page...)


R E S T I N P I E C E S !

Anarcy Ass
The Mad Hatter's punk band's site (actually started a mass fist fight at a neighborhood block party). The Hatter also runs Neumertz and posts to the Dadamonster list quite often. (there's also this bear named Balou...)

"Anti-Art exists to be a universal multi-sensorial human language, open for all humans, giving us the freedom to penetrate and destroy habitual patterns and perceptions taught and used in modern society; a bridging of the gap between our inherited tribal element and the cerebral cyber element by utilizing the rhythms of the body, machine, information flow and recognizing the past as a means to devise tools for the present which enables us to project forward into the future."

Babel Fans Community
Beginner's Guide to Dada
A silly guide to Dadaism written by a bunch of guys in England.

John Cage discussion list
ListServ for any Cage fan. Members include people who have worked directly with the man himself. (For more Cage, see the Indeterminacy link)

CoConspirators of DeConceptualization (Co*Co*De*Co)
"Co*Co*De*Co, or Co-Conspirators of De-Conceptualization was created in a desperate attempt to leave art alone. Co*Co*De*Co believes in freedom of expression above all, though freedom from expression is even better. Free time, free space, free will, free thought is just as valuable as freedom from the structure of time, freedom from the scattered limitlessness of space, freedom from the pressures of the pushy will and freedom from the confines of intellectual imprisonment. Co*Co*De*Co spreads the word of de conceptualization throughout the world with as little money as possible and with virtual anonymity."

A ?religion? of champions...and you can see how you rate on the karmameter Alas!! The karmameter is gone, but just google 'dischordianism' and watch your computer explode.


Digital Disco
An area for growth

ev3.3eye">{this link is dead, but I feel I should keep it here for old times sake}

Exquisite Corpse Game [Deep Machines]
An online Exquisite Corpse game written by Deep Machines
Beinart artists now create many amazing exquisite corpses. You must view them!

Face Generator

The Hard Truth
The purpose of this site is to report alternative news not reported by the mainstream media or that which has been kept hidden by the power elites of Secret Societies for centuries.

Bruitist, Dadaist and Surrealist poetry - amature and well-known

Kid A in Alphabet Land

Magic 8 ball #2

Post your manifesto here! (or whatever else you feel like cutting and pasting in...)

Mark Amerika


Moving Wordz

Musee Imaginaire


New School of Design Art Performance

Nihilistic Satire


Penguin War


Postmodernism Generator
Need a term paper written in two seconds? Go here to the Postmodernism Generator where the generator will write it for you.



Sleeping With Amnesia
Complete with suicide note, "I'm through. I'm just through. I've said all I've wanted to say."

Smoke of Beekeepers

Purely silly

Throw Yourself Down

Twokmi Kimali
This whole site's in German...I can't read it. But it put the dadamonster in as a like for which I am ever grateful! (You can use">Google to translate. There is also a translator on the Twokmi Kimali site itself.)

The Virtual Babel Encyclopedia
A resource that hopes to show why the story of Babel has continued to inspire artists, writers, philosophers and many others for thousands of years.

The Voyeur
Award winning zine by AmnesiaGnosia.

Tom Waits
Apparently the official site {Update: apparently not}


Who is Marcel Duchamp

Word Perhect