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Last updated on:-02/25/04-
Philosophy, unforgotten-02/25/04-
Over 4K hits on this webpage, rant-02/25/04-
Pics, New Layout and pictures: Pics-11/28/01-
Philosophy, Forever-7/13/01-
Philosophy, This is how I feel-3/26/01-
Humor, The World's Easiest Quiz-1/31/01-
Philosophy, My World, a work in progress-1/19/01-
Minor graphical and content changes to Guestbook-1/14/00-
Pics of me and my Friends, A new pic of Jeni-12/11/00-
Minor graphical updates to the homepage and the Guestbook-12/8/00-
1,000 hits on my web page!!!!-12/4/00-

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