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Your Love!

Your love has become to mean so much to me;
          it calms within,
even the deepest of stormy seas.
          It stretches a rainbow across the darkest of skies,
          and dries all my tears,
when my sad heart cries.

          Your love has become a precious gift I've received;
          it touches my heart,
more than I could've believed.
          It makes me smile when smiles are scarce to find,
          and gives my life such joy,
when it seems unkind.

          Your love has become a fountain of faith and hope;
          it uplifts my soul,
when I'm struggling hard to cope.
          It's the loving words I hear reminding me who I am,
          and encouragement given,
when I don't think I can.

          Your love has become a true blessing from above;
it's a beautiful gift from God,
to show me His love.
It's a love which helps make my world better to live,
and a deep gratitude I feel,
for all the love you give.

the laughter thats shared, the smiles that shine, the quiet whisper of love... the friendship, the joy, the desire, the need, the want, the soul that knows its lifemate.. the beating of hearts, souls entwined, lips touching, a simple caress, sparks ignighting, the passions soothed... the heart that breaks, the tear that falls, the heartbreak of seperation, the longing of want... all there but can't touch, feel, hear, taste... the sorrow... lost souls never to be as one ...