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Great Zothique ("Gran Zothique") is the only Web site in Spanish dedicated in complete form to the North American writer Clark Ashton Smith. This page was born as a necessity to present in the Spanish-speaking world the work of this great writer.

Work that has required long time and continuous modifications, GZ has counted with the aid of Spanish and Chilean students of CAS, like Oscar Mariscal and Sergio Fritz, and of valuable translators. Lamentably, due to the purchase of copyright for the Hispanic countries from one publishing, it was prohibited us to include in our page the wonderful translations made by fans like Fermín Moreno, Oscar Mariscal and José M. Cárdenas, which saddened to us much at its moment, for the great contribution made by them and who were available in GZ in generous form for all...

At the present time GZ it is a site of study and test about the CAS work. During three years we have dedicated part of our little time to this small pillar of fantastic Literature. Sites several have made connection to GZ, even the important North American site of Allan Gullet. Hopefully GZ has long life.

In the last modifications we have translated part of our material to the English, in order that our Anglo-Saxon friends know us.

We waited for your collaboration, or in the shipment of stories influenced by the pen of CAS, tests about its work and life, bibliographies, images or donations.

We want that GZ will be a site for all!


Gran Zothique:

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