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Clark Ashton Smith


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*El sitio de Oscar Camarero

A site in Spanish with material of CAS.


*Eldritch Dark

The best site about C.A.Smith. In english.


*Los Pulps

Site in Spanish, about the fiction pulp.



*La página web de Alan Gullette

This site have a good biography about CAS and much more material. In english.


*Suite Despise

See the bibliography. In english.


*Oceanstar "Un tributo a C.A.S"

More material about C.A.S.

Links not relacionated directly with Clark Ashton Smith

*Liga Lovecraftiana

Our orgaization. In Spanish.


*Foro sobre Lovecraft

Site of fans of HPL.


*Sitio personal de Sergio Fritz

My site.


*Literatura de los confines del mundo

Great site. Machen, Dunsany, Lovecraft. In Spanish.


* Todo Lovecraft en castellano

The Opus of HPL in Spanish. 

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