1. Please tell the readers about the band. When it was formed, the line-up, releases and stuff like that.

Formed in 1996, Unhuman is a technical and extremely melodic Death/Grind band from Montreal, Québec, Canada. Unhuman's first and only demo have been released in 1999. A couple of months after, we entered the studio to record 2 exclusive tracks (Sécheresse and Mutants War) for 2 differents compilations. The first was the Frowz compilation (www.Frowz.com) and the other will soon will bw released in the Neoblast compilation II (www.neoblast.com). We, Rob Lussier (bass), Alex Dupras (drums), Oli Grisâtre (guitar) and Youri Raymond (guitar & vocals) are now prepared to enter the studio this winter for a full-length album.

2. How would you describe your music? What are your musical influences?

Unhuman is a grind band that haven't forget the principal music essence ; the melody. However, we are unique in our genre and each one of our songs have it's own sonority. The Guitars, bass and drums are quite technique and the vocals are just very unique and very weird. We are influenced by bands such as Dying Fetus, Opeth, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Cynic, Cryptopsy, Death, and some classical and underground jazz stuff.

3. What inspires you lyrically? What topics do the lyrics deal with?

Unhuman's lyrics are about human kind in general, not into political or violent subjects, but much more brang in some stories that prooves that our race is not the strongest on earth. We try to develope some other ambiances, not only about murderers and killing.

4. What is the main purpose of your music? Any political/religious message?

We principaly want to awake people about the fact that human is the earth's cancer. We are too individualists and wealth always go to the same. We polute a lot (too much) and our planet can't take it anymore. This is unacceptable and that prooves our ignorance and weakness about life in it's purest and innocentness form ...

5. What about live shows? Have you played any gigs lately? How often do you play live?

Since our beginning (1996), we performed at least 30 times in concerts with bands such as Gorguts, Martyr, Kataklysm, Obliveon, Agony, Cryptopsy, Neuraxis, Majester Dixit, and many more. We are appreciated here in Québec and we got the luck to be part of one of the most active and devoted scene worldwide (here in Montreal). We did a couple of big gigs and fests. For example, we did the the Brutal Fest, the Operation Metal Fst II and the X-fest with Eternal Suffering, Malamor, Blood of Christ, Neuraxis and Agony this summer.

6. How is the metal scene in your area? Are you in contact with other bands?

The Montreal scene is one of the hottest scene in North America. We are looking for contacts worldwide and we are already in contact with a lot of bands, thanks to the Web !! We really think that we must stay together if we want to survive ... Metal music is first about feeling and emotions, Not about ca$h !!

7. Is anybody in your band involved in other projects? If yes, who and which?

We are all workers and/or students and we first had some individual bands but our presents efforts all goes to Unhuman.

8. What is the best cd / demo you have heard in the last month?

Cryptopsy / and then you'll Beg ... Macabre / Dahmer ... the Dillinger Escape Plan / Calculating Infinity ... Gorguts /Obscura ... Cephalectomy (Canada) and Cephalic carnage / Exploiting the Disfonxion

9. What was the last concert you went to? What was the best concert you have been at?

All the Montreal MetalFest were great, we went to see Martyr and BlastFame at St-Jean-sur-Richelieu last week. Gorguts and Demence were great too at "les Foufs" this week.

10. What kind of beverage is your favourite? Any special brands? Do you do any drugs?

We unanimously like great beers like Heineken, Sleeman, Grolsh and the Unibroue stuff (Maudite, Fin du Monde, all between 5% alc/vol and 10% alc/vol.) and some great stuff like Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Champagne, etc. Oli (guitare) and Alex (drums) both enjoy marijuana's effects but Youri (vox, guitar) and Rob (Bass) prefers to stay relax :o)

11. What can really piss you off?

Dance music, straight-edge mind and vegetarian people that don't even drink milk or eat cheeze ;o)

12. What are you plans for the future? Gigs, releases and so on.

The first album will be great (first), then, we will perform a couple of gigs in Québec's area with Cryptopsy, Quo Vadis, Martyr, Kataklysm etc.

13. That´s it for now. Thank you for the interview. If you would like to insult and/or offend someone, please do it here. If you have a closing remark/statement, this is also the place.

Everyone in UNHUMAN like everyone ( Except Youri who think that hardcore like Slipknot is bad ;o( and that Sorel city is bullshit, Canadian Cops and customs officers are some eternal fuckers, so he take two minutes to give a fuck to Patrick Fischer from Bodybag, Cynthia Coutu and all the poser-rapers around the globe like Olivier Desmarais xxx )

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