paradise lost and found

Recently, I've noticed a striking increase in the number of hits this site receives per day. I have no clue what has happened. Has someone decided to notice Broke Kitty? Is this site linked somewhere, unbeknownst to me? Whatever the case may be, it's nice to see those numbers go up. Probably the feeling people get when they have stocks and the NASDAC goes up-- except the profit in my case isn't monetary.

I have recently become obsessed with the Los Angeles Public Library. If you have a public library near you, I strongly suggest using it instead of funneling your money into book and video stores. If I'd realized that I could get just as much value from a book without letting it collect dust on my shelves, I would be a much richer woman right now. There comes a point in everyone's life where less is really more, and you're ready to make an art project of everything you own or give it to Goodwill. That's about where I'm at right now.

Have you ever noticed how emotionally rank artists and musicians are? Don't hold it against them, we all love good art and music, but lately I've just been observing that most writers, artists and musicians have lead some crazy lives-- at least that's what I've garnered from reading up on biographies of Nin, Plath, Cobain, Pollock, Miller, Kafka, Picasso, etc. I'm actually frightened of finding out about the rest of the miserable folks out there who have had a taste of fame. We're talking emotional cripples who have the power to take hundreds down with them.

In one sense, though, it's nice to have their stories available as points of comparison for our own lives. Are we really troubled or just run of the mill freaks, suffering along with the rest of 'em? Does anyone know of an artist or writer that was a positive role model, in the sense that their life did not embody torture, dysfuntionality, suicide, depression or some other suffering? Did this person ever become famous?

Questions to ponder. Does anyone know of a place that has:
1) Excellent public transit (no need for a car)
2) Sunshine, nearly year round
3) Fresh produce and good food
4) Decent cost of living and working hours
If so, please submit suggestions and driving directions to: Where Is This Paradist Lost? c/o Looking forward to reading them.


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