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the sixth grade

I spent the past two days teaching the sixth grade. I actually enjoyed it, but teaching has a tendency to be life-consuming. My dreams are work-related now. I can't get away from the classroom, even at home.

Luckily, it's Friday, which means no work tomorrow. Instead, I get to spend a good chunk of the day in the Airports of America. Not just one, but three! Woohoo!

The main purpose of this posting is to note a few events of today:
1) Watching the kids play during extended recess, with the Beatles blaring on the stereo, put a smile on my face. They were running, jumping, skipping and having an awesome time out there, with "A Hard Days Night" as their soundtrack. I didn't realize until now that George Harrison died earlier today.
2) Being called by the administrative aide in the main office at 3:30PM, while I was wrapping things up (paperwork and general organization), who said, in the most lame, condescending voice possible: "Is this the SUB? You need to bring the key back to the room. You've done an *excellent* job today, but we need the key now." I was on my way out right before she called, and in retrospect, the day would've been better had I not picked up. School children may have better manners than adults.
3) Just a note to myself-- I really need to work on re-organizing this site! "I know it's gonna happen, someday."

I hope my trip to the Big Easy is well worth all the airport anxiety. I'll be taking many black and white photographs.

KLC, Friday, 11/30/01