The big news is I'm sick. In the stuffy head, sore throat, can't get out of bed to take a shower way. My snot is not yet the color of this screen though, and I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Personally, I prefer when I can see the mucous, make a distinction, you know?

So I didn't go to photo class yesterday, and I didn't go to work when called in. Substitute teaching is like grad school-- glorified unemployment. I wonder, lately, if I would be making more money on welfare.

Nevertheless, I'm heading to New Orleans this weekend with what remains of my first measely paycheck. I'm sure it'll be all gone by the time I return home.

Other than that, I'm wondering if I'll be moving to San Francisco or not. I've applied to a few credentialing programs here in California, and one of the options is to move up north. Of course, that would also mean living the high-rent, high-debt lifestyle once again. And I'm not sure I feel like going through all that again. Not to mention that my family and friends down here are straight sick of me moving all the time. My line of return has become almost a joke, "Hi!....I'm leaving." About that brisk, as well. We'll see what happens. We'll always see what happens.

KLC Los Angeles 11/27/01

sick (in nyc-- similar tale, different time and place)