shooting the guy next door

In a half-dream stupor this morn, I thought I had whipped out a gun and shot the guy next door. Whether he's really next door or not is still a mystery.

Rather, I think he's in the building next door. The walls to these buildings are so damn cheap that I can actually hear his punk ass 24-7. And what is his punk ass doing? Usually being verbally abusive to his mother. Key phrases in his repetoire include, "Puta!!", "SHUTUUUP!," "Do whatever you want mommy!"

The world should be done a service. Adult do-nothing men still living at home who are abusive to their family members should be shot.

Normally, I do not advocate violence of any kind. However, in certain situations retaliation is justified.

Before I move out of NYC, I'm gonna send a Thank You card to this motherfucker. Thank you for all the lovely early morning yells, thanks for disturbing my sleep, thanks for always having the latest sports event on full blast and for yelling at the T.V. (and your mother) constantly. Asshole.

Maybe I'll miss him.

11:16AM, 12/6/00


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