the real world

The lack of postings on Broke Kitty for the past month or so, can be largely blamed upon a vigorous plunging into the real world.
Between work, classes and dirty laundry, there just ain't too much free time for the kitty these days.
Beyond that, all creative inspiration has been injected into photography and drawing projects in non-web form.

Time. I have gained a greater understanding of it. My energy is limited, therefore the allocation of time is now easier. Some things can be done. Others can not.
San Francisco. Will I stay, or will I go? Well, after a little over two months here, my next destination is Mexico. Someone called me a gypsy today. An accurate label. One of few. But when will this gypsy lay her bags to rest?
Love. Still elusive. Must fertilize the ground of love for the self first. Must love life first. Is that ideal here and now, or will it only be grasped down the road?
Beauty. Finding it, but fearing to grasp it.
Hold it at arms length, peer at it through a viewfinder, always. Soak it in chemicals, dry, mount, frame. Hang it on a wall.

Moving forward at a snail's pace,