on photography

I spent most of today in the photo lab, and my fingers still smell of developer. I've never been fond of the rank smell in the photo lab.

Today was another good day. I developed five rolls of film that had been waiting weeks to be developed. I printed, matted and presented a print to my class this evening, and it went over well. Even though I should be over it by now, I still get anxious when it comes to oral presentations. It's amazing that I can get up in front of a classroom and "teach." But when I'm in the student's position, I have this nagging desire to "perform" really well. The last time I performed any sort of theatrics was junior high, and I was asked by my teacher to tone down my part because it was too racially charged (or in modern day terms, not p.c.). So I think I've come to a point in life where I'm a bit fearful of admitting off the cuff thoughts. I'm always trying to be respectful, conscientious and nice. To let everything out (or almost everything), I write-- writing, instead of speaking, has become my outlet. Anais Nin once wrote that she was mute, and it was only through writing that she found voice. I can relate to that, in some respects.

But, I also think that it's important to be able to communicate through more than one medium. Writing, art, voice, music, dance, body language, action-- all these are forms of communication. I wonder how many one can master in one lifetime. I wonder how one can possibly master anything.


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