should i stay or should i go?

"Leaving is such a memory...the story goes, the story dies."

I'm trying to find a way to leave the country again. Unfortunately, most of the options cost money. There are hundreds of study abroad options and all cost thousands of dollars. For someone trying to pay down debt, instead of getting into more, the prospects are not appealing.

But then I read about these wonderful opportunities in France, Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia and even beloved Ireland and the dream machine starts running again full blast.

And then the bills on the table glare at me and the deferred loan payments start tinkling a little bell, and I think it's time to settle down and get a career.

Oh, god a career. No, no, no, no 9-5. I remember 9-5, working for a big New York publishing company and thinking, "Is this life?" That drained, stinky foot, end of the day dystopia that was something other than life. I need to go somewhere that is alive and invigorating. Could it be here, Los Angeles, city of dreams and angels and other things? If so, I have much work to do...