smile and nod with a fuck you

Some of the most aggravating people in life are fake motherfuckers.

Who are fake motherfuckers, you ask?

Fake M.F.s are people that smile as they stick a pole up your arse. Usually they are people who have power over you or attempt with all their pathetic might to have power over you.

Fake M.F.s can be employers, co-workers and if you're a sad fool-- friends. Allow me to further expand upon the definition of fake motherfucker.

A fake M.F.'s words always have a double-meaning. For example, a fake M.F. will tell you that you're smart with a special tone that makes you appear a fool. In a single session, a fake M.F. can make you feel simple-minded, and then lick your ass by calling you "sweetie." Fake M.F.'s have a penchant for making everything seem like your problem. Fake M.F.'s have no problems.

In a logical world, people would piss you off or fuck you over without being nice about it. Friends and enemies would not appear to be convoluted entities. However, fake M.F.'s have done an excellent job of keeping this confusion intact, of keeping those ears burning, and keeping that shit talked.

Apparently, in order to function at all in the adult world, you need to adopt at least some characteristics of a fake motherfucker.

Fakey, fakey,
(this ain't no chicken joint)
10:50PM, 12/6/00


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