dicks r us

Thank You lists are nearly essential in CDs, books and 'zines. More rare, on the other hand, are Fuck You lists. While Thank You lists are probably well-deserved and more politically correct, the Fuck You list is also something that should not be forgotten. There are people in our lives, after all, that inspire us because they fuck with us-- that is, they piss us off, disrespect us, or do some other type of foul shit. Broke Kitty would like to acknowledge these dicks by creating a Dick of the Decade Contest.

Check out the list below, comprised of *seven* low-down dirty dicks, and cast your vote for who you think deserves the award for Dick of the Decade:


a) Itty Bitty Dick-- proves that even little dicks can have BIG prrroblems.

b) Crooked Dick-- with a heart as crooked as his dick.

c) Psycho Dick-- this dick is a sociopath on the loose, spreading VD in a bedroom near you.

d) Ugly Dick-- fat, ugly and not-too-bright, this dick is still cold as sin.

e) Been-There-Done-That Dick-- this dick ain't shit, and he knows it.

f) Stoner Dick-- who do you think you are...huhhhhhh?

(and by popular demand!)
e) Innocent Dick-- with boyish good looks and sweet charm, you won't recognize this dick until it's too late.

Cast your votes quickly, by emailing katlachatte25@hotmail.com. Choose your least favorite dick or if you think one is missing from the list, let us know!

Tally as of 5/5/01

Itty Bitty Dick-- surprisingly, no votes !
Crooked Dick-- 1
Psycho Dick-- 4 votes!
Ugly Dick-- straight up donut!
Been-There-Done-That Dick-- 1
Stoner Dick-- no votes, however, one reader did confuse himself with Stoner Dick! Hey, if the shoe fits...
Innocent Dick-- initially suggested by one reader as "Sweet Talkin' Dick"

Alright folks! We don't want to be another Florida-- cast your votes now! Voice yourselves!


this ain't your bus stop

Email: katlachatte25@hotmail.com