"How funky is your chicken?
How loose is your goose?

The days keep rolling forth, and while the gulf of time between important events of the past and important events of the present widens, the Saturday morning headache is here, right where it belongs, after the working week. When it comes to the future, the question still looms: is this it?

Pictures of New York, Ireland, France, Los Angeles and other parts of the world flank photo albums and wall space, and beg to know where the place of belonging is. Stars sparkle in nostalgic eyes when those places of the past are visited in the imagination, but how have they changed now? Is the favorite bar still on the corner, are the friends still as they were? Who sleeps in those once known beds at night?

Some answers are revealed, others are kept muffled and fogged. In the end, one is confronted constantly with the following: chicken shit.

6/29/02 San Francisco