Adult life, in some ways, is a mirror of adolescence. In the midst of holiday parties and expensive outings to trendy Hollywood establishments, one must question what value social interactions have. The monetary value is pretty simple to allocate. When you slap down a fifty that's straight from the credit card, the meaning of digging a hole becomes crystal clear. This is a hole that keeps getting deeper.

Or how about taking a trip to the Santa Monica Promenade, looking for parking for half an hour, and then finally joining the herds doing their last minute holiday shopping. A three dollar coffee from Barnes and Noble doesn't really make sense when every ten steps brings you at the foot of a homeless person with a shopping cart to hold his or her life. What a difference a shopping cart makes.

Hearts may break, but the world will keep turning. And the burliest man on the face of the planet may turn green when you rebuke his advances. But what choices does a person have in face of all this?

As one homeless person asked another, sleeping on soiled blankets in the crisp December air, "Are you going to be a bum all your life?"

"You look as beautiful as ever, so happy fucking holidays."

KLC, 12/23/01