art school girl

I've had a gruelling two days of work, lack of sleep, and hanging out with two ex-boyfriends (on the same night, at the same place). Needless to say, each night has resulted in a migraine, and last night's was the worst. I felt nauseous, and even though I was sleep deprived, I could not fall asleep. Early this morning, I was bombarded with calls from school districts wanting me to come to work. I decided-- not today! I need rest and time for reflection, to pull all this crap together.

I began the process of filing PhD applications the day before yesterday. But something happened yesterday that I think will change my life. I received a big financial award from San Francisco to the art program I've applied to. At first, I thought it was just another loan notification notice (trust me, I don't need anymore college loans). But then I saw the section above where I received state and pell grants. Holy moly, I was dancing around the house yesterday, even though I felt like a zombie from sleep deprivation.

So here I am now, thinking about San Francisco. I've dreamt about art school for at least six years. And now I think I'm going to go for it. But if I do, I'll be making many changes in the next few weeks...

KLC, Los Angeles