New Year Notes 2004

(no pity for) broke kitty

February 18, 2004

Greetings from Los Angeles. It has been some time since the last outpour from Broke Kitty. The Kitty has been seemingly uninspired and immersed, full-throttle, into the hum-drum of everyday life (also known as No Life). The only brief respite came during a two-week jaunt abroad at the start of 2004, from Mexico City to Cancun-- a well-needed break from the day-to-day obligations. This is not to dis the splendor of higher education, for without it the Kitty would truly have no purpose.

The latest personal epiphany comes in the form of trying to focus less on the academic and more on the enjoyable. This is not easy to achieve when everything but personal pleasure takes priority in life. How does one bound herself up so much in should-dos instead of real desires? Perhaps either route leaves one somewhere other than the place she expected to be.

There is nothing much to report. The next several months will be severely focused on practicalities, with few chances to break away from them. I still believe that stability is overrated. In fact, I'm probably much more secure in environments where others would be driven completely bonkers, going bonkers in environments that others might prefer. The rush to chase the dreams and ideals of others has left me listless and yearning for something else. But-- the Lakers beat the Warriors tonight! What a difference two seconds makes, especially in Oakland.