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Writer's Toolkit of Links

Write more, surf less! Access these links to writing-related sites.

Take your pick from this writer's toolkit of hyperlinks:

Click here to send us a list of your favorite haunts for writing tips and tools.

Grammar Guides

Click on the links below to go to sites that offer advice, tips and quizzes on the dos and don'ts of grammar.
Guide to Grammar and Writing, with over 50 computer quizzes on grammar
Grammar Lady, a website with FAQs, message board and hotline

Tips On Writing Styles

Given below are links to intriguing articles on writing styles.
The Experimental Writing Style of William S. Burroughs
Brief History of Writing Styles

Writer’s Workshop Updates

Classes keep you creative! Click on the options below to learn more about some of the finest workshops and intensive seminars for writers.

Key West runs specialized, topical seminars year round
Workshops for writers in the Southwest
The prestigious Iowa Writer’s Workshop
Gotham Writer’s Workshop: New York’s largest private creative writing school
East LA College’s workshop on Theatre Writing
The NY Writer’s Studio's 10-week sessions according to level and interest


This section provides a brief list of links and descriptions of useful organizations for writers. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Each organization has its own requirements for membership. Writer’s Block does not benefit in any way by your enrollment or participation. It does not bear liability for any misrepresentation by a listed organization.
American Society of Journalists and Authors
The ASJA claims to be the nation's leading organization of independent nonfiction writers. Their membership exceeds 1,000, and is made-up of freelance writers of magazine articles, trade books and other forms of nonfiction writing. Membership requirements do include being a professional freelance writer.

International Horror Guild
Though horror is, of course, a genre quite distinct from science fiction and fantasy, there is some crossover and certainly many people who appreciate one, more often than not appreciate the other. The International Horror Guild does have membership requirements, albeit simple ones, and the membership boasts mostly "normal" types (if horror fiction lovers can be called such) with an exteme appreciation for the dark and sinister.
Writers on the Net
Writers on the Net features email-based lectures and classes, and charges a nominal fee for participation.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc., is a non-profit organization founded in 1965. Its purpose is to aid fantasy and sci-fi writers in a variety of ways, and they maintain a useful "how-to" articles section and also present some skilled artwork.

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