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Through my association with several magazines and one press, I have been directly involved in the editing arena for more than twelve years. Encountering a number of amazing people along the way has made me more aware of creative possibilities. My work with the writers and artists of this project has been the most gratifying of all my literary endeavors. Cheryl Dodds is an outstanding artist and her subject matter here could not be more necessary. Originally planned for the Winter 2002 issue, Eye Music merited special presentation, causing me to see the need for a separate issue. I then solicited work from a number of writers whose styles, themes, and techniques would create a perfect blend with Dodds’ photographic essay. Each issue of Blue Fifth Review presents a featured poet, but the Supplement, because of the depth of the work submitted, presents five featured poets, each one approaching the theme in unique fashion.

The first appearance in BFR of poets such as Marge Piercy, Marty McConnell, Eve Stern, and Alison Croggon show the import of this project. I’m grateful to Dorainne Laux for the use of “Family Stories” and to Sharon Shahan for cover art and her poetry.

* * *

Mark Twain once told us that we complain about the weather but do nothing. He’s right of course. What in fact can be done? An important question. Likewise, violence is overwhelming, and we’ve grown numb to it. What can be done?

We know, although we never seem to believe, that more violence, in whatever form, is not the complete answer. Or, maybe it is that we never learn our lesson.

Awareness is the baby step, the stagger out of nothingness into a new world. If we’re not aware, no change is possible.

Let’s walk together.

Sam Rasnake

Cheryl Dodds - Eye Music

I - Persephone in the Field
II - Debris of Dreams
III - Are You Listening?
IV - Monologues for an Apocalypse

Ace Boggess - Abuse Cycle
Marty McConnell - girl on the tracks
Julie Bonaduce - The Company Of
Gary Whitehead - Tableaux
Alan Catlin - in the pitch of citrus


Supplement Issue - Spring 2002
Current Issue - Winter 2002