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Reading for this issue, I felt very like Mary Oliver’s hawk diving into the reeds. Chasing an unknown. And I wanted you to see with my eye.

Sometimes the power of poetry is its intense ability to unsettle our ease, to take us to extreme and unfamiliar places, and while we’re there, we have no idea of where we are or how we arrived or even if we’re ever going to return. And it doesn’t matter. That’s what the best art can do for us. That’s the beauty.

Read Daphne Gottlieb and you’ll encounter a marvelous fire-breathing dragon with a bent for good verse. Add visuals by Mark Stirner and Jena Moya. And the poetry… J. P. Dancing Bear and E. Ethelbert Miller. Eleni Sikelianos and Claudia Grinnell. Jacqueline Marcus. Tim Suermondt. For starters. Deep. Unnerving. You will wake to a new world.

Thirty-one writers. Four artists.

In the words of the Tao Te Ching:

Thirty spokes on a cartwheel

Go towards the hub that is the center

—but look, there is nothing at the center
and that is precisely why it works

Say yes. Open your head.

Sam Rasnake

Featured Poet - Daphne Gottlieb
I - Writing Inside the Motherskin
II - In the Kafka Labyrinths
III - Opening the Lid of Night
IV - Archeology


Current Issue - Winter 2002