...from the editor


An anthology that gathers the best work of any journal is an almost overwhelming venture. I had no idea. This has been a daunting labor. I’ve had to leave out so many wonderful selections from the first ten issues of BFR, but the works I’ve brought together have their own vision. Readers will discover the enormous possibilities of the muse.

I'm indebted to the many talented writers and artists whose work is now more than real to me because of Blue Fifth Review – Piercy, Suárez, Laux, Sajé, Dancing Bear, Terris, Stant, Buck, Gottlieb, Boggess, Jozwiak, Pfingston, Suermondt, Grinnell, Ettinger, and others – but I must focus on two:
From the outset, the works of Cheryl Dodds have been as close to perfect a realization of my own artistic philosophy for this journal that I could hope to find. I return to her images again and again. For that opportunity, I’m grateful.

Somewhere along the way – and I don’t know when this happened – Vicki Hudspith became my favorite writer for these pages. Her amazing words are the best expression of my editorial ideal that I’ve read.

If you’re new to BFR, the Reader is a good place to start. If you’re familiar with the work here, I hope this is a resource for your own inventive undertakings.

As for the future, I plan to add yearly to this gathering.

Sam Rasnake

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