...from the editor


I’m pleased about the level of work found in the Fall 09 issue – works by George Moore, Changming Yuan, Paul Hostovsky, Allan Peterson, and marcia arrieta – just to name five. I think you will be pleased as well.


I want to recommend several collections by BFR contributors:
C.E. Chaffin, Unexpected Light: Selected Poems and Love Poems 1998-2008 (Diminuendo Press, 2009)

Eileen Tabios, Nota Bene Eiswein (ahadada books, 2009)

Suzanne Frischkorn, Lit Windowpane (Main Street Rag, 2008)

And chapbooks:
Felicia Mitchell, The Cleft of the Rock (Finishing Line Press, 2009)

Jessie Carty, At the A & P Meridiem (Pudding House, 2009)

Amy Small-McKinney, Clear Moon, Frost (Finishing Line Press, 2009)

Robert E. Wood, Gorizia Notebook (Finishing Line Press, 2009)

Joanne Lowery, Call Me Misfit (The Frank Cat Press, 2009)

Each one, a great read.

Sam Rasnake

Current Issue - Fall 2009