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...from the editor


As a poet, I often, in my weaker moments, become too caught up in living to recognize or move inside the writing life. Being in the place. Listening. Opening to.

Ive been rereading William Stafford these days his collected chapbooks and his reflections on writing and the writing life. Im reaching this conclusion (and its my conclusion, not his though I think he would agree): the poets vision is not important, necessary, or even what should be desired. Whats vital then? : the poems vision.

If you cant see/know poetry if you cant know the poem as a living, breathing (and that is the term I want breathing) being, you miss it.

But, it will go on without you. Its always wandering.
Collected chapbooks: Smokes Way, My Name Is William Tell, Even in Quiet Places

Books on writing: Writing the Australian Crawl, You Must Revise Your Life, The Answers Are Inside the Mountains, Crossing Unmarked Snow

The range of voices in BFRs Fall 2008 issue from such wonderful and gifted writers is a welcomed presence.

I do believe that poetry can change your life. Read on then, and be changed.

With thought,

Sam Rasnake

Current Issue - Fall 2008