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As a poet, I often, in my weaker moments, become too caught up in living to recognize or move inside the writing life. Being in the place. Listening. Opening to.

I’ve been rereading William Stafford these days – his collected chapbooks and his reflections on writing and the writing life. I’m reaching this conclusion (and it’s my conclusion, not his – though I think he would agree): the poet’s vision is not important, necessary, or even what should be desired. What’s vital then? –: the poem’s vision.

If you can’t see/know poetry – if you can’t know the poem – as a living, breathing (and that is the term I want – breathing) being, you miss it.

But, it will go on without you. It’s always wandering.
Collected chapbooks: Smoke’s Way, My Name Is William Tell, Even in Quiet Places

Books on writing: Writing the Australian Crawl, You Must Revise Your Life, The Answers Are Inside the Mountains, Crossing Unmarked Snow

The range of voices in BFR’s Fall 2008 issue – from such wonderful and gifted writers – is a welcomed presence.

I do believe that poetry can change your life. Read on then, and be changed.

With thought,

Sam Rasnake

Current Issue - Fall 2008