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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Blue Fifth Review. The Winter 2001 issue represents a strong mix of nineteen poets. The works exhibited here are a good blending of styles. The end result, I trust, shows writing that is rich in both depth and purpose. One of my goals with Blue Fifth, while avoiding an anthologized approach to each issue, is to allow the selections to form a more organic whole that is book-like.

Readers will be pleased with the offering of poems from the featured writer, Ruth Daigon. Reading Daigon's work is to encounter a wonderful poet with a gift for phrasing and sound. You'll enjoy, as well, the new work by other writers here: James Owens, Nichole Shields, Robert Klein Engler, April Greene…. And textured photography of mood and tone by Cheryl Dodds. I'm also delighted, as an editor, to place new voices such as Laura Cross alongside writers of the magnitude that David Citino possesses. Be sure to notice, by the way, how Citino never fails to dazzle readers with the power of his imagery. So enough already. Point and click. Read on….

Sam Rasnake

Featured Poet - Ruth Daigon
I - Like Wind From Our Aching
II - The Frame Of Reckoning
III - American Hunger
IV - Rose Of Whispered Rain


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