Best of the Net Nominations



The Allentown Aubades by Matthew Hittinger
(Winter 2010)

Temporary Embodiment of a Passing Cloud by Rich Ives
(blue collection 1, Spring 2010)

Elegy for the Hidden by Marilyn Kallet
(Winter 2010)

Survivor Tactics by George Moore
(Fall 2009)

Linea Nigra by Pamela Johnson Parker
(Broadside #17, Winter 2010)

X. by Anne Whitehouse
(Winter 2010)

Blue Mexico by Robert E. Wood
(Broadside #15, Summer 2009)



The Linking Verbs by Elizabeth H. Barbato
(Fall 2008)

Always One Direction by Melissa Buckheit
(Fall 2008)

Fantasy for Cello and Orchestra by Amy Lemmon
(Broadside #13, Spring 2009)

Acts Become Memory by J. Alan Nelson
(Fall 2008)

Alchemy at the Maykadeh: Dinner with Philip Lamantia by Eileen Tabios
(Spring 2009)

Meditation on Hair by Yun Wang
(Broadside #12, Fall 2008)



Love Poem for Los Angeles by Sandra Beasley
(Summer 2007)

As If I Were Conceived In Her Diorama by Melissa Buckheit
(Summer 2007)

Patty Hearst on the Occasion of Her Presidential Pardon" by Collin Kelley
(Broadside #10, Spring 2008)

Writers’ Tour of Kayford Mountain— October 16, 2006 by Jeff Mann
(Spring Supplement 2008)

Minarets, Incense, Beggars by Oliver Rice
(Winter 2008)

See a Cliché, Be a Cliché by Susan Terris
(Broadside #9, Winter 2008)



Coyote by Vicki Hudspith
(Broadside #3, Summer 2006)

After Hours at the Glad Light Diner by Robert Lietz
(Fall 2006, Featured)

Body Talk by Peter Pereira
(Fall 2006, Section II)

A Portrait of God as Table Wine by Arlene Ang
(Winter 2007, Featured)
[Ang was a finalist.]

if you would like to know about the movie by Christine Hamm
(Winter 2007, Featured)

Marilyn M. Thinks About French & Russian Dogs by Susan Terris
(Winter 2007, Featured)



Gacela of Crow Magic by J. P. Dancing Bear
(Spring Supplement 2006, Featured)

From Old Books Someone Waves by Robert Klein Engler
(Spring Supplement 2006, Featured)

Personal Tornado by Vicki Hudspith
(Winter 2006, Featured)

The Cunt Compendium by Lynne Knight
(Winter 2006, Featured)

Your proper place by Marge Piercy
(Winter 2006, Featured)

in this house by Evie Shockley
(Summer 2005, Section III)

Longing for Pangaea by Eve Stern
(Winter 2006, Featured)
[Stern was a finalist.]