Blue Fifth Review

Infectious Darkness by Aimea Saul
( Portland, Oregon )


Volume IV. Issue 3
August 2004

Summer 2004

New works by

M K Ajay     Michael Allen     Arlene Ang

Doug Beasley   Heather Knowles Cottington   Ruth Daigon

Corrine De Winter      Jnana Hodson      Joan Payne Kincaid

David Krump    Dorothee Lang    Oswald LeWinter    Rebecca Loudon

Cathy McArthur    Farida Mihoub    William Neumire    P J Nights

Lee Passarella    Kris Raido    Peter Roberts     Aimea Saul

Eileen Tabios     M J Tenerelli     Ann White


...from the editor

Featured Poet - Rebecca Loudon

The Poetry Sections

I - Simple Equations
II - Sleep Screen With Lavish Proportions
III - Defining Borders
IV - Bodies in the Rain

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