Blue Fifth Review

Red Metro; Vienna, Austria by Toni La Ree Bennett

( Seattle, Washington )


Volume III. Issue 2
28 July 2003

Summer 2003


New works by

Toni La Ree Bennett     F.J. Bergmann

Kristy Bowen    Alan Catlin    Alison Daniel

Shelley Ettinger    Melanie Faith    Richard Fein    Apryl Fox

Rebecca Hinton     Vicki Hudspith     Annette Marie Hyder

Fred Johnston     Ward Kelley     Duane Locke     Nell Maiden

Cathy McArthur   Seth McMillan   Corey Mesler   Laurence Overmire

Rochelle Ratner     Fernand Roqueplan     Yvonna Rousseva

Eleni Sikelianos     r l swihart     Kelley White

Kirby Wright     Arianne Zwartjes

...from the editor

Featured Poet - Eleni Sikelianos
Sikelianos Feature, Page 2


I - Trinkets in a Closed Drawer
II - A Wrinkle in the Trees
III - Becoming a Fish
IV - Closer to the Cosmos

Afterword - A Poem by Nell Maiden

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