Spring Supplement 2004

poets & artists

Untitled by Greg Stant


On the banks of definition
—Vicki Hudspith

I: Love and Bread Before Sermons / Jeffrey Alfier - Greg Stant

II: At the Gate of Women / P.J. Nights - Aimea Saul

III: Lost Notes of Music / Andrea Potos - Doug Beasley

IV: Text and Subtext / Vicki Hudspith - Fariel Shafee

V: A Life of Concrete Acts / Oswald LeWinter - Aimea Saul

VI: Polaroid Keyhole / Arlene Ang - Fariel Shafee

Offerings / Doug Beasley

VII: Samba Pa Ti / Eileen Tabios - Leslie Marcus

VIII: Confessions / Bob Bradshaw - Greg Stant

IX: In the Quarries of Youth / Ann Lederer - Aimea Saul

X: Finding the Doppelgänger / Jessy Randall - Aimea Saul

XI: First Light of the Mind / Joel Chace - Doug Beasley

XII: The Distance Still Finding / Claire Fuqua - Aimea Saul

Current Issue - Spring Supplement 2004