the broadside series


Blue Fifth Review
Volume VI. Issue 1
January 2006

Evie Shockley
( Highland Park, NJ )

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poem at forty
(for lucille clifton, who stays)

many-mothering daughter     you have
been what you barely
had     your motherís life     as short
as your poems     has been
your model     has been your
daughterís     (no poet)
model too     we hear your voice     rich
with loss     calling     and we
come     i come to be your daughter-
friend     your sister-poet     little-mother
to your winging hands     as many bodies
as you have     i will hold     in
as many cradles as i can
make with     (of)     my own     i
cannot    we cannot be the beautiful
ones your bodies     fracture in longing
for     but we come     bringing
all the thelma     all the frederica
	that we have

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