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Big Fat University


Big fat member of the International Association of Fake Universities


Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Science
Master of Arts
Master of Business Administration
Master of Education
Master of Engineering
Master of Fine Arts
Master of Library Science
Master of Public Administration
Master of Science
Doctor of Dental Surgery
Doctor of Divinity
Doctor of Engineering
Doctor of Jurisprudence
Doctor of Medicine
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Veterinary Science 
Accounting Library Science
Anesthesiology Literature
Anthropology Management
Archeology Marketing
Architecture  Mathematics
Art History Mechanical Engineering
Astronomy Meteorology
Biology Military Science
Cardiology Music
Chemistry Neurology
Civil Engineering Nursing
Communications Oceanography
Computer Science  Ophthalmology
Criminal Justice Pathology
Dental Hygiene Pediatrics
Economics Philosophy
Electrical Engineering Physical Education
Elementary Education Physical Therapy
Finance Physics
French Political Science
General Studies Psychiatry
Geology Psychology
German Sociology
Gynecology Spanish
History Special Education
Home Economics Urology
Industrial Engineering Zoology

Big Fat University-- home of the world's most well rounded education.  Forget PhD we've got PhAT.  

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