Fully Medicated for your Viewing Pleasure
updated November 16, 2005... WOO!

and then, low and behold.......IT WAS UPDATED! Here you find yourself a wholesome little website, only to notice it is anything but. You will love it, especially you, right there. yeah, the one with the finger up your nose. don't worry we have a periodic table. everyonce in a while i get a creative idea and come here to this place to carry out with it and the ADD makes me play solitare. i kid. killing is not my thing.
*Robyn's Psycho's* *Mel's Mishaps* *Answering Machine Messages*
*Boy-O-Meter* *SNOW BRENNAN!*
*Sometimes Robyn is Crazy* *Mel Attacks*
*Bert is Evil* *Kittens?*
*This is sad, but wicked funny, Songs*

*This is what happens when robyn is tired*
*Wha? Bumper Stickers?*
*Robyn is Upset* *Most Wanted*
*Periodic Table* *the Robyns Journal of fakeness*
*All of Mel's crazyness, we know you were wondering...*
*Same 5 Questions*
*you should read this*

Well, have fun, and be safe. be good, and if you can't be good - be CAREFUL!
~Robyn and Melissa

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