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Why it baffles me that so many musicians support Al Gore.

With so many “popular” musical artists publicly supporting Al Gore, I felt the need to bring up a little skirmish that happened in the 1980’s involving his lovely wife Tipper.
(I am not political, however I think the bipartisan system is completely ant-democratic.) I find it amusing that America puts so much emphasis on the presidential election. The MAN makes us think that voting for the president is important. Really he is distracting us from paying attention to who goes to congress. I don’t think it matters if a republican or democrat is in office, it’s not going to change my life all that dramatically. However, the first ladies might….

Upon taking office in 1993, President Clinton made health care reform one of the highest priorities of his Administration. He asked the First Lady to chair the Task Force on National Health Care Reform. No one can deny that Hillary used her position as first lady to take on many issues she found important. There is probably little chance that she would have been the chair woman for the Task Force on National Health Care Reform if her hubby wasn’t the president. Nancy Reagan taught us all to JUST SAY NO! Surely other first ladies have done other things that affected society in one way or another. Anyway I just wanted to site some examples of the influence you can have as the first lady. On to my point!
Here is some of the damage that Tipper has done without having had the power of being the first lady. I can only imagine what would happen if she becomes the first lady…

1985 Infamous Senate anti-music hearings are staged by Senator Al Gore and his cohorts as a favor to his wife Tipper, and her openly bigoted fundamentalist friends calling themselves the Parent's Music Resource Center (PMRC). Among the PMRC's demands were the censorship through a labeling system of warning stickers, the "Reassessment of contracts" of artists whose lyrics are, "sexually explicit", "anti-Christian" or mention suicide or homosexuality. "Expert witnesses" called by the Washington Wives blame rock music for gang violence, suicide, murder, devil worship and sexual perversion. Frank Zappa stands virtually alone in opposing the PMRC and sensing their significance. The music industry above and below ground keeps their head in the sand, preferring to sleep through the hearings.

April 15, 1986 Two weeks after Dead Kennedys are publicly targeted by Susan Baker of the PMRC, Biafra's house in San Francisco is raided and torn apart by a squad of Los Angeles and San Francisco police officers. Cops even ransack the cat-box hoping to find - well… ask them. "Frankenchrist" albums and Giger posters are taken from the house and the Alternative Tentacles/Mordam offices. June, 1986 Biafra and four others are charged in Los Angeles with one count each of "Distribution of Harmful Matter to Minors". They are the first people in American history to face criminal charges over a record; three years before the attack on 2 Live Crew. Biafra and other supporters form No More Censorship Defense Fund to cover the money to fight the charges. Defendants face a possible one year in jail and a $2,000 fine. The law had never been used before. The L.A. City Attorney's office admits to L.A. Weekly reporter Don Bolles that they kept files on several other PMRC-targeted musicians, but chose Biafra because it was, "a cost effective way of sending a message". The prosecuting attorney later says one of his goals was to destroy Alternative Tentacles. Fund-raising and the ensuing media circus delay the completion of the follow-up album to Frankenchrist, the appropriately titled Bedtime for Democracy.

August 1987 Charges against Biafra and the other defendants are dismissed after a three-week criminal trial in Los Angeles. Even though Frankenchrist was not found to be obscene; Biafra, Dead Kennedys and Alternative Tentacles records are subsequently banned from a multitude of chain stores nationwide. This is exactly the type of de-facto censorship Tipper Gore and the PMRC had in mind.

1988 in his second Oprah Winfrey appearance Biafra catches Tipper Gore lying on live national television. Oprah quickly cuts to a commercial. (Random, but humorous)
Well that’s all I could cut and paste to support my argument. If you don’t feel right voting for Bush, why not write in a vote, or maybe vote for Nader. It really doesn’t matter, you are only voting for electoral colleges anyway.

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