The Chaos Campus Sample Page- Part 1

My friend/artist/web designer Chris Tsuda and I are hard at work working on Myriad (especially Tsuda), so it'll be a while before we get all this stuff up on the official Approbation site. So for now this will be the link to show you select chosen few the upcoming series: CHAOS CAMPUS: SORORITY GIRLS VS ZOMBIES!!!

I'm currently talking to my model contacts to represent other Chaos Campus main characters. Pictures and information will be added once things are official!

So I now present the girls of the EAZY (Epsilon Alpha Zeta Upsilon) and AZZ (Alpha Zeta Zeta) sororities!

This is the Chaos Campus promotional tee shirt that will be pushed during the tee shirt season of 2005. The character Jamie pimps the shirt for us with her every appearance.

This was taken from the Myriad cover that Jinky Coronado (Banzai Girl) did for us.

This is the original pin up that talented Lou Bernal did for me from my original (and pretty crappy sketches). Lou will be doing the sequential work for the Chaos Campus story, "Gothic Makeover".

Here is the amazing pin ups that Andy Screen did for Chaos Campus of Jamie and Brittany. He said a Paige is on the way! Whooo!!!

Speaking of Paige, this is the only Reference picture I can provide of what Paige looks like- Neve Campbell from Scream 2.

Our models Raven, Rebecca, Robin, and Heather!

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