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name:'Dan (the ' denotes a pause. people should breath before they say my name)
alises:princess, slick beans
occupation:future pop icon
funfact:all gay boys are obsessed with sex, but not all want to have it
hobbies:writing, singing, arting, acting, directing, mixtaping
quote:"you think i'm usually wearing the pants just cuz i rarely wear a dress"
- ani difranco
  artists:gilbert & george, the wizard of new zealand, cindy sherman, chuck close, laurie anderson, lucian freud, gerhardt richter
  writers: virginia woolf, edward albee, michael cunningham, herman melville
  musicians:tori amos, bjork, pj harvey, kate bush, ani difranco, abba, counting crows, simon & garfunkle, indigo girls, joni mitchell
  movies: who's afraid of virginia woolf?, american beauty, mary poppins, harold & maude, before sunrise, the rocky horror picture show