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Independent Thought Alarm is a private mailing list for creative, intelligent, non-conformist, artistically inclined individuals, founded to foster a community of supportive, encouraging... Hi, still with us? Good, forget the propaganda mission statement, this is basically a bunch of artsy-freaks having fun together. It was started by Shann & Alan, bored at 2am on a friday night, because when you're straight-edge in the suburbs there's nothing else to do but go online after all the stores and restraunts close. If you want to join us, fill out a bio like ours and send it to the list. Please keep in mind that we'll reject people who try save our souls or make us "normal", or cause a problem in our community. Diveristy is welcome, harassment is not. Oh, here comes the ad copy again... To apply to this harmonious community of creativity please send an introductory statement for consideration.