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A Rude Awakening- by RockStar

A Dream of Scandal- by Bosie

Greek Smut:Epmetheus and Admonis- by Bosie

Heaven in a Tourniquet- by Ami

Bitter Sweet- by Ami
A Tearful Reunion- by Ami

The Groupie- By Ami

Will You..part one- by Ami

Thorn- By Ami

Your Love is like Water- By Ami

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OK this is the Archive Page for VGFairyStories2000. This is my first attempt at a website. This page is for stories posted on the list.NOTE:These are the stories. Velvet goldmine is not mine .The characters belong to Todd Haynes.I mean no disrespect to the actors or anyone connected to the movie n stuff. This Fic is intended for enjoyment only. All Fics are Rated for Content.
If the beautiful people in my list would like their Fic up here Email me if you would like me to put your story up on my page. Blah blah blah

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