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March 13, Hey Yall whats up Changed the Layout it is now what my locker is like. So it is in the form of a locker. Heeheeh Oh what a retard am I. No I was just bored. Since I am lazy, I dont feel like learing web design so you will have to cope witht my shit layout! DOnt you feel special. Because I am busy talking to whoever you may be currently is why I cant get this done right! Later. Chelsye Feb 23, 2001 Xchelsidexero here. Whats up all? Not to much here. I am tired. I feel like my life has suddenly stopped. It's not worth it anymore to actually go on and act like I care about something, or is it? Who really gives a shit? Me and my best friend seem to be drifting apart and I feel as though the rot is seeping in. I love her so much she is everything to me and everyyear I think she gets bored with me or something. My mom isnt here, my other best friend Shonda is not here either. Both the people I used to turn to aren't here for me now, and I feel so weak and powerless. This is probably something that should go in my journal but no, I write it here. Whatever. I have no one to run to anymore, is this the way my life will continue? Not to break your moods, I am just crying and thinking. Little things get to me.

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Hey everyone its Chelsea I Hope that you enjoy this site and remember I am always workin to update it and get the stuff out to you. If you would like to see something on here within reason and no boy or pop bands feel free to ask me.

HELLO, PleAse ViSit The FolLOLoWinG DepeNdIng UpON YOUr TastE

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