The Haunted Park

My friends are going to kill me for this submission, but we need some more paranormal activity in here, and this was our little secret. I feel it can be shared here. This park is Bayonne Park, in NJ. On with the stories....

First, the haunted tree number one. The legend: Back in slave times, a older white man was hanged on this tree for helping slaves to freedom via the underground railroad. Not sure how true this is, but that's the legend. And it explains the ghost of the old man. Around this certain tree [you'll have to find it yourself, that's the fun of it all!] an old man can be found. He is usually in the tree, but at times, you can spot him hanging around the base, hiding if you will. Also, at night time, this tree tends to look as if it is the darkest one in the park. If you find this tree, be sure to place your hand on it's bark and wait a moment. You will, no doubt, feel pins and needles within a minute or two. And if you are daring enough, close your eyes and position your forehead against the bark. Let me know what you see.

Connected Tree: This tree is connected with the above, so I feel I should add it in. This tree isn't physically attached, it is actually a few feet away. There is a rope hanging from the tree, and some say, probably just as a joke, that this rope is the rope the old man was hung with. That is highly inprobable, however, the rope has been removed from the tree several times...only to reappear later.

The haunted tree number two, or The Lady in the Tree: No one is very sure what is up with this one, and again, you have to find her yourself. This tree is located in the upper section of the park, near the police department but close to the road...all I can tell you. But at night, in the branches, sometimes a woman can be seen sitting there. She usually wears a black dress, and can be hard to spot. I, as well as many others, have spotted her there.

The Black Gates and the Ghost Dog: The park has a pond with a path behind it leading to bleachers for the baseball field. At night, if you walk down this path, at the end before the tunnel you may see a set of large black gates which seem closed. Keep walking. Eventually, the guard dog with stand to greet you, whether he is mean or not we do not know yet. Because, once you get close enough, the entire scene vanishes.

The picture with this is of the path itself. The far end of the path is where the gates usually appear.

Lucas, aka "Top-Hat": You are being warned once, and once only. Stay away from Lucas. You may think I am crazy, but trust me here. He will seem harmless in my story, but as with all aparitions, he is unknown.

I figure you think me insane as it is. So I will continue on with this and either wet your taste buds or make you laugh at me. Either way, this is what I have seen. Lucas, better known as "Top-Hat," is a black figure who appears to wear a cape and a top hat. I am not, by far, the only one who has seen this particular aparition, and not the only one who has left scared off my behind by him. He is one of the few aparitions you will ever meet that will confront you. He will come as close as 10 feet or so, and mimick you. If you spot him, lift up your about 10 seconds, he will do the same. We have witnessed him doing this, and it's fun for awhile. If you go with a group, chances are he will pick one person and mimick them, ignoring the rest. Eventually, just as you are convinced he is a shadow and nothing more, he will noticebly turn and walk off into the trees.

The tunnel pictured here is where he is usually spotted. However he can also be spotted in some of the more wooded areas [such as the pictures below, which are located at the sides of the tunnel, and behind the bleachers of the closest baseball field to the tunnel].

The Gazeebo: The gazeebo is located in the upper part of the park by the 48th street entrance. There has been a lot of stories about this particular area. Some people think it is built on a space of pure energy. Upon entering the gazeebo, at times you can feel happier, or depressed, and sometimes you can feel nothing at all. The bushes around the sides of it have been named in a few ghosts itings as well, where ghosts have darted behind the bushes when spotted and such things.

The Pond: Beisdes being a West Nile Virus infected mosquito breeding ground and toxic waste dump site [we believe from the stench], the pond has also been spotted for it's massive weed growth and trees around the borders of it. Ghosts have been spotted in the trees there by various people, as well as in the weeds. There are also creatures in the water that have been unidentified as of yet. At one point they were believed to be rats, but they stay under the water for too long and are only spotted at night. People can't get too close before they hide under the brown water, and they do not resurface for minutes at a time, sometimes up to about 15 minutes.

Find the rest out about that park yourself. :) I dare you. ::cheesy evil laughter::