Cry Baby Bridge

I have met a number of people who have "heard" what I am about to tell you. Not just the story itself but the baby (supposedly two crying baby's). Best of all the people I have heard this story from many of them I didn't here it from first and most of these people did not have any affilliation with one another, in other words many of these people have never even met each other and yet I have gotten the same story from two (seemingly) completely uncomprimized sources.

The story took place at least fifty or sixty years ago. It was probably a lot longer ago than that but that's the minimum. The story takes place around central southern and southeastern Pennsylvania. Somewhere north of the town of New Hope is the bridge. Cry Baby Bridge may or may not cross over the Delaware River but it is close. Probably not more than a few miles. Legend has it that a woman who became pregnant with twins with no husband and no way for her to support herself of her children at what was suppost to be the turn of the century decided that it would be best if she kill herself and her children. And that's as the story is told is what she did. This woman soon after giving birth carried both of her children out on to the bridge, climbed over the side of the bridge and plummeted herself and her children to their doom.

Now although I myself have never been to the bridge not because I haven't gone looking for it, only because I've never had ample time to drive around that part of the world looking for it I have gotten many a sworn testimonial (so to speak) from the few who have been out to the bridge and so they told me walked out near the center of the bridge and heard the cries of what sounded like two screaming infant children that seems to be coming from below the bridge at or near the water. I did ask if they could here the sound of a woman crying or sobbing. They told me that they were so scared at the time that they couldn't even remember exactly how long they had been out on the bridge & that they didn't exactly stick around to...ask the lady if the water was cold or what ever other sarcastic remark I'd made when they got to that point in the story.

I would definitely love to know if anyone has ever heard of or especially for themselves experienced this sad tale first hand so please feel free to email me of your own experiences.

For now, if you have any inquaries or have experienced this, please e-mail me here and will pass on your story.

Submitted by: SPOOQEYRUBEN