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"I think god has gone mad here... control is so hard to keep-obsession can be hell from which you'll never be free. It's all free for the taking here tonight, Where good s go to die"

Welcome to all Lost Souls. Here I hope to grant you pleasure, and allow you to express yourselves, if desired, by submitting any poetry etc. to me. Let me introduce myself: I am Jade, Satans Playtoy, the fallen Seraphim. I am like the rainbow flag! I am 17 in age, and live in one of the most boring cities in the worthless world of false reeality beyond the places in my mind (Monrovia, CA). The people here all seem fake, automated, and mostly do as needed to be accepted by eveyone else. All I have to say to you at this point is to never ever loose yourself in others desires. If you are not real please exit this site, or else you will sooner or later be executed. Cruelty is a virtue! I am including poetry and artwork/pictures here (my own and that of my friends) for you to use for your own fulfillment. If you have a weak soul do not bother to read what I leave for you, for it may disturb the pure s and the mechanical savages in this world like yourself.

More about me? There isn't much i'd ever want to tell you. I find most my pleasures in writing and drawing women. I am amused by and see lifes beauty in all the shunned and hushed ways. "I'm not afraid of being ugly. I couldn't care what they say"(JOJ). I am your desires and deepest fears, and I will destroy you from within, tie the noose by your own denied emotion...unless you are as the rest of us...the rest of us angels; jaded and torn, ied and bruised angels...fallen like I: the lost seraphim. Please, do realize humanity's faults and eliminate those we will do all the better for us. And remember, we have the power to destroy and to create the most powerfull forces in this universe...We need only belief in ourselves...DO SO.

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