I was out with my friend Hilary tonight. Before doing anything else we decided to ride down to McDonalds to grab a bite to eat.

McDonalds down here is kind of ghetto. But why do people have to go messing up my meal.

Hilary and I are sitting there, eating our meal... a paddywagon pulls up outside and 2 cops get out and come in. I joke to Hil about cops parking illegally. As the cops enter they head towards the counter. See, this is where shit starts going wrong.

Behind the counter there is no one.
NO ONE. No drive thru, no cashier, no deep fry cook.

The cops walk back there, the metal shelves and stuff block my view from there on in but U hear one of the cops say something along the lines of "Is everybody okay?" a half second later I am hearing a very unfamiliar sound, and I can kind of see shit flying up a little, frys maybe... first instinct is stupid, it tells me the deep frier ran over and those are fries popping up... before my brain can register that as wrong a cop comes runnign back out screaming something like "holy fuck fucking crap" or something like that.

The cop, he has blood on his shoulder, his walkie talkie thing is dangling down from that same shoulder and he is reaching for it as he heads out the door.

My brain works this time, I turn towards Hilary and yell "we need to get the fuck out of here" We stand, crouch and head towards the other door towards her car. All (maybe 4 or 6) the other customers do the same.
When we get out there is a bald white guy standing there looking very confused, we run by him and get in her car, take off and turn left towards broad. During this time the bald guy gets in his truck and tears off, and I notice that the van parked in front of us that had people in it when we first arrived was still there, with someone in the drivers seat but wasnt leaving.

As we reach the stop light I look back and see the van kind of moving, a black (or at least dark skinned guy) in a long white t shirt come running out, the cop comes out a split second later, screams something and then braces and shoots. As he is doing this the van is pulling out, he seems to shoot at them too.
I yell at Hilary to "just go go just go" she turns right down broad and I tell her to pull off to the side.
In a matter of SECONDS there are more cop cars pouring into the area then you could have convinced me were even on duty.
I tell Hilary I think we should leave the car where it is and go back and talk to someone, tell them we were witnesses. She agrees and we go walking up, I tell the first cop we see, he asks some quick questions (obviously in a rush to his car) and directs us towards some other officers.

We tell a woman we were there and saw what there was to see. She takes our info, asks some quick questions and directs us where to wait.

A cop putting up police area tape tells us to move, this is a crime scene. He apologizes when we mention we're witnesses.

The woman comes back a few times over and asks us more random questions. Another random cop comes up and tries taking our info again, our lady walks up and assures him she's got us. We tell them both what exactly we experienced, the womans partner comes over and talks to us to.

We'll be going to South, we are told, and they talk to us a bit more... I ask a few questions and keep a sharp ear. I find out one of the robbers didnt escape, he was expected not to survive with the wound in his leg and half his brain missing. The cop who was shot was the female officers partners old partner. He seems glad to hear it when I tell him he didnt look like he would in bad condition once things were done with.

Officers came, had our lady and her partner take us to south... which... is north. near the bridge, the police station that is all weird and rounded.

We are going to homicide.

We are the first witnesses to come in and it seems like everyone wants to know what exactly we heard etc. We tell the story a couple times over before we are split up for our statements.

The guy running my side of the statement issue seemed nice enough, and may have been a bit embarassed when I caught a few typos of his but whatever. He was nice, and he was a quick peck-typer like myself.

While giving my description I had to be oddly specific about a few things but whatever, it's understandable. He was nice about it and gave me a soda. I drew out the layout of the place and where everything happened and when.

All the while I was listening for what was happening with the people who got away. I know where the vans owner lives, I know about some other things too.

Midway through my statment a black guy was brought in to take a statement by another office clerk type guy, he started screaming back to the desk about them not asking his girlfriend any questions and shit... he started getting rowdy, they pinned him up against the filing cabinets across from my seat.

She gladly talked and I overheard one cop say she actually had some of the most useful information out of anyone.

Once our statements were signed we had to wait for our officers to fill their paper work.... I asked an officer what was happening. Apparently through finding the van they somehow found 2 of the robbers, if I heard right there was more gunfire and one of the robbers may have also been killed.

Our officers were really nice to us and I made it a point to tell my desk guy that, I hope it does some good. They talked to us a lot on our way out and told us some stories to help soothe things.

They drove us back to the car, talked to us a bit more.
Crazy stuff.

Additional notes:
Gunfire really just sounds like firecrackers.
There had been people in the drive thru, as the scene was clearing up they were served.
Only one person got away, reportedly a woman.
People need to not mess with my #3 meal.